Legacy Plaza

LEGACY  PLAZA AT LUDINGTON & JAMES will feature a covered market and event pavilion, communal and private seating, a fire-pit feature, an urban greenspace, an interactive public kiosk, and a self guided walking tour through Ludington’s history.



There will be some donor recognition opportunities located within the plaza, including benches and a donor art project. Check back soon to get more info. Or join the email list to be notified when those opportunities are available.


All of the businesses around the plaza are open for business. We understand it will be a little harder to get to them right now, so we appreciate your patience and continued patronage at these locations:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this project being funded?
Legacy plaza funding has been provided by a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, from DDA (Downtown Development Authority) Fund Balance which has accrued from event profits, as well as private donations. The City of Ludington is partnering with the DDA for a portion of the upgraded water main cost.

When will the project be finished?
June 2021

What happened to the old donor bricks that were near the clock?
We had originally planned to re-use those bricks in new clock area. However, so many of the bricks were damaged or worn that we decided to create a plaque with previous donors instead. We are working on documenting all of the names on the old bricks. Once that is done, those that purchased those bricks will be able to come pick their brick up. You can contact Heather Tykoski to get more information about picking up your brick.

Why is the clock being moved to the north side of the plaza?
The new design for the plaza includes an arch entrance as a focal point. Because of this layout, there isn’t a great space for the clock to go. There have been issues getting the parts for the clock, as it’s getting quite old. The design committee was concerned about what would happen if the clock was a focal point at the entrance and it was no longer be able to be maintained. The clock will be relocated on the north side, with the previous donor list displayed.

Were local contractors hired?
Yes! Heirloom Construction of Downtown Ludington won the bid and is the general contractor for the project.

Are the plaza businesses still open during construction?
Yes! Spindrift Cyclesports, All Occasions Events & Floral, and Snyder’s Shoes are all open and accessible during construction.

Is this project happening all at once or in phases?
Due to increased costs for some original design elements, they had to be moved to Phase 2. This includes the arch, digital kiosk, and canvas enclosure for the pavilion. If you are interested in making a donation towards these elements, you can contact us or donate here.