Downtown Markets


2-7 pm
May 24 – September 20
Legacy Plaza Pavilion
112 N James St.



6-8 PM
Legacy Plaza STAGE

6-8 pm
May 24 – September 20
Legacy Plaza STAGE

2024 Seasonal Vendors
Downtown Ludington Farmers Market

Backwoods Homemade Wine – fruit wine
Bird Sense Flower Farm – flowers
Blanca’s Fresh Produce – produce
Bohemian Productions – home decor, macrame
The Cheese People of Grand Rapids – various cheeses
Cosmic Canine – organic dog treats
Crucible Salts & Seasonings – food seasonings
Dark Water Coffee – coffee
Dains Orchards – fresh produce
Egeler Family Farms – meats
Garden of Living Arts – produce, fresh flowers
The Great Bread Company – various breads
Great Lakes GeoScience – rocks/minerals/fossils
Jackie’s Jars – fresh flowers
Just Ben Fusing n Grinding – fused glass jewelry
Karmella Foods – freeze-dried candy
Nate’s Best Kettle Corn – kettle corn
Pics & Wics – soy candles/melts/air fresheners
RV Farms – honey
Stoney Lake Naturals – CBD products
Two Old Stoners – stones/gems/jewelry
Wellston Farm – fresh produce
The Vintage Tub – goat milk soaps/lotions

Downtown Ludington Market Rules and Information

The Downtown Ludington Farmers Market (the Market), overseen by Ludington’s Downtown Development Authority (DDA), strives to serve as a thriving marketplace for local farmers, producers and artisans. Our mission is to offer a space for customers to access high-quality, locally grown products, foster a sense of community, and drive economic growth in the heart of Downtown Ludington.

Time & Place
The Market takes place at Legacy Plaza each Friday from 2-7 p.m. The 2024 season begins May 24, and will continue until September 20. 

Application Period & Fees
Seasonal vendor applications for the 2024 season will be accepted through November 15, 2023. Notifications will occur before January 1, 2024 to confirm seasonal vendor spaces. 

Applications are required annually and are not considered complete until all necessary documentation and licenses are provided. 

Seasonal Fee: $175

  • Seasonal vendor market rental is for May 24 – September 20, 2024.
  • Limited seasonal parking spots are available for an additional $25.

Daily Fee: $20

  • Daily Market Vendors must be approved by the Market Manager for daily admittance. Market Manager has the right to deny a daily vendor to maintain an acceptable and desirable product mix for the market. Daily spots are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis starting at noon before each market. 
  • A Daily Market Vendor Application is required, in addition to the fee. Be prepared to provide photo evidence of yourself producing the items you plan to sell at the market. There will be no exceptions. 

The market takes place rain or shine. Vendor fees are non-refundable, and reimbursements will not be made for unattended market days.

Market Contacts
Myndi Dangler, Community Events Coordinator – 231.845.0324
Please direct any market application inquiries or questions to Myndi.

Sheri Plumley, Market Manager – 231-690-2686
Sheri is the Market Manager who is on-site at the market each week. If you are unable to attend or will be arriving late, please notify Sheri as soon as possible. She will also be your point of contact for any “day of” needs. 

Who Can Sell
Only vendors registered and approved in accordance with these Rules may sell at the Market. This is a juried market. It is our intent to keep a diverse and varied product mix. The Market Manager, along with the DDA Marketing & Events Committee, will be reviewing all applications received, and priority will be given in the following order (see category details below)

  • Raw Agricultural Products
  • Value Added Agricultural Items
  • Artisan Items

Vendors are required to meet all applicable rules and regulations of the County of Mason, State of Michigan and Federal laws. (Michigan Department of Agriculture, Food Division)

What Can Be Sold
The Ludington Farmers Market is NOT a resale market. Consumers are expecting to purchase goods directly from the grower/producer. If you are a part of a co-op or family farming operation and intend to have a joint booth with members of such an arrangement, all entities involved and the legal arrangement must be clearly stated on the application. Documentation must be included in the application packet. 

Category 1: Raw Agricultural Products
Vendors must abide by all applicable federal, state and local health regulations. In addition, they must adhere to federal guidelines on all labels. 

All items that the Vendor will bring to the Market must be listed on the application. If there are any additions to this list, an amendment must be made prior to the item being brought to Market. Approval is at the discretion of the DDA Marketing & Events Committee and the Market Manager. 

  1. Fruits, Vegetables, Cultivated Mushrooms, & Grain: Must be grown 100% by the Vendor, and must be Michigan grown in the region of Mason, Lake, Oceana & Manistee counties. 
  2. Animal Agriculture: Includes meats, eggs, honey, and milk. 100% of the animals must be owned and cared for by that Vendor. 
  3. Nursery Items: Nursery items include annuals, perennials, and cut flowers. These items may not be purchased by the Vendor ready for retail. No wholesaling is allowed. 

Category 2: Value Added Agricultural Items
Priority in this category will be given to Vendors based on the following ranked criteria (NOTE: The DDA acknowledges the constraints of our local growing area when it comes to value-added products. This will be taken into account during the evaluation process.): 

  1. Vendors who grow all of their ingredients 
  2. Vendors who use their own grown ingredients along with locally farmed ingredients.
  3. Vendors who source all ingredients from locally farmed ingredients. 

All Vendors in this category will be evaluated before acceptance to ensure the best Product Balance. 

Vendors must abide by all applicable federal, state and local health regulations. In addition, they must adhere to federal guidelines on all labels. All items that the Vendor will bring to the Market must be listed on the attachment to the application. If there are any additions to this list, an amendment must be made prior to the item being brought to the Market. Approval is at the discretion of the DDA Staff and the Market Manager. 

Value Added Agricultural Items Include: 

  1. Baked Items: Eligible bread products must be baked from dough made by the Vendor.
  2. Soap/Health & Beauty Care Products
  3. Value Added Fruits & Vegetables: This includes oils, vinegars, preserves, jams, dried fruits, juices, salsas, etc. Cheese: Priority is given to those who own their own animals, then to those who source exclusively from local farmers. 
  4. Small Wine Vendors. 
  5. Coffee Vendors

All prepared food items must be produced and packaged in a licensed and inspected facility, labeled appropriately, and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. 

Sampling of consumable foods is permitted; however, food requiring open flame preparation is NOT permitted at the Ludington Farmers Market and its premises. Vendors must comply with all state, local and federal requirements and acquire all necessary permits and licenses. Copies of these permits and licenses must be submitted with the application for the application to be complete. 

Category 3: Artisan Handmade Items
Artisan vendors whose products are based in the agricultural economy will be given preference (e.g. fiber arts, personal care products made from herbs and botanicals, leather work, etc.). Artisans are welcome; however, only items made by the applying vendor may be sold.

All artisan items must be HANDMADE and approved before they are offered for sale. Flea market-type items are not permitted. Artisans are required to provide on their application a detailed description, as well as videos or pictures of the vendor themselves producing/ making the items for sale. If there are any additions to this list, an amendment must be made prior to the item being brought to Market. 

Approval is at the discretion of the DDA Marketing & Events Committee and the Market Manager. We reserve the right to limit artisan vendors with same or similar items to allow for a wider variety of products. 

General Rules

  • All vendors must comply with all state, local, and federal requirements governing the sale and production of their products, acquire all necessary permits and licenses, and provide copies of each to the Ludington DDA prior to participating in the market.
  • The Market does not intend to set vendor prices. However, vendors should keep in mind that this is a retail market, not a wholesale market. Please establish a fair retail price. Vendors will not practice distress pricing.
  • Vendors are responsible for keeping their area clean, attractive, and in good sanitary condition.
  • Any and all vendor-generated waste, rubbish or trash must leave the market with the vendor. Do not use any City of Ludington trash receptacles.
  • The City of Ludington and the Ludington DDA shall not be liable or responsible for transactions made between buyers and sellers at the Downtown Ludington Markets, nor shall the City of Ludington or the Ludington DDA be responsible for theft, accidents, or lost or stolen articles.
  • Vendors shall conduct themselves in a pleasant and courteous manner with customers and other vendors at all times. Vendors who use abusive or threatening language, circulate rumors, engage in any activity that affects the reputation, integrity or smooth operations of the Market are subject to dismissal. 
  • Behavior that disparages another vendor or the Market, actions that unnecessarily interfere with another vendor’s sales or activities, and any other action that in the Market Manager’s determination are uncooperative or damaging to the Market are prohibited, and may result in dismissal from participating in the Market. 
  • All items sold at the Market, as well as weights and measures, are subject to inspection and approval by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.
  • In accordance with the Michigan Department of Agriculture Regulation Number 556 open air municipal and farmers markets, the sale of animals will not be allowed at the market.
  • Taxes are the sole responsibility of the vendor.

Vendor Space and Set-up 

  • Market set-up begins at 1:00 p.m. Arrive no later than 1:30 p.m. 
  • Space size will be approximately 10’x10’. Multiple spaces may be available but require an additional fee. Shared booths will be accommodated by request to the Market Manager.
  • Market Manager reserves the right to reassign spaces.
  • In the event that one or more spaces becomes available under the pavilion, seasonal vendors may have the opportunity to move to that space at the discretion and approval of the Market Manager. If another seasonal vendor does not want to move to that space, the Market Manager may grant temporary use of the space to a daily vendor.
  • Vendor shall not move to an unassigned space without pre-approval from Market Manager.
  • Vendors are not to begin packing up until the market ends at 7 p.m. unless prior approval by the Market Manager has been given. Customers expect to shop the market during the advertised times. 
  • Vendors will be responsible to furnish all display items needed. (tables, etc.)
  • Tents are only permitted for seasonal and daily spaces that are not under the pavilion, and must be furnished by the vendor. Spaces under the covered pavilion are not permitted to use a pop-up tent. 
    • Being close to Lake Michigan, there can be (and will be) wind at times. It is mandatory that vendors use weights such as cement blocks, sand-filled or water-filled bottles, etc. to hold their tent in place. We insist on this for the safety of other vendors and their products. No weights will be provided on site. There is NO staking of tents allowed. 
  • Vendors must display a sign with name and city clearly visible to the public. Sign size should be a minimum size of 8.5 X 11”.
  • Each vendor area must be under the on-site supervision of a responsible person 18 years of age or older.
  • All booths must be completely removed after the close of sales each market day

Non-Profit Organizations
We will provide 1 space per market, based on availability, free of charge, to Mason County non-profit organizations. This space is outside the pavilion. If the organization is in need of a tent, it must be provided, along with any other furnishings. Priority will be given to organizations working in the areas of sustainability, agricultural and natural resource conservation, and community and economic development, including the arts. Products sold by non-profits will be evaluated on a case-by- case basis. A copy of the non-profit certification may be requested at the time of application. Non-profit products and booths are not required to meet the conditions above and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

The Market Manager reserves the right to expel or refuse admittance to any vendor or customer who violates any market rules or exhibits disruptive behavior at the market.

  • All disputes shall be brought first to the Market Manager, who may consult with the DDA Marketing & Events Committee.
  • Any seller, daily or seasonal, in violation of market rules is subject to suspension. Violators shall forfeit rental of space.